Marie's Allied Health & Technical Institute, Inc.
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Welcome to Marie’s Allied Health & Technical Institute, Inc.

Marie’s Allied Health & Technical Institute, Inc. has a tradition of giving lives new direction, fulfilling our mission statement to students wherever they live and offering the chance to pursue a certification program while having commitments to work and family.

The goal of Marie’s Allied Health & Technical Institute, Inc. lies in its responsibility to its students, the technical and business communities, and the general citizenry. The college provides educational opportunities through curricula in business, business-related, administrative, health related, technical, and professional programs that are designed to prepare a student for direct entry into the job market or to enhance their chances of advancement within a business hierarchy.

Our expert faculty and friendly support staff are dedicated to helping you successfully complete your program and earn your diploma! Working around your current schedule and commitments, you can start and finish a certificate program in less within six months to a year and be on your way to that new career.

Marie’s Allied Health & Technical Institute, Inc. isn’t just about reading books or taking tests; it’s about ensuring you learn the career-oriented skills necessary to begin your new career. And because each program is designed through a collaboration of instructors and health leaders, you get an educational experience that will help you succeed in your chosen field.

Next Orientation

For other classes, orientation begins in January for Spring classes, April for Summer classes, and August for Fall classes.
- Program start date:

  • HHA - (April 15th, 2019)
  • CNA (AM) - (Sept 30th 2019 - Oct 31st 2019)
  • Pharmacy Tech - (Oct 21st 2019)
  • Medical Billing/Coding - (May 6th, 2019)
  • CNA (PM) - (May 22nd, 2019)
  • Central Sterile Tech - (June 4th, 2019)
  • Medication Aide - (Sept 17th 2019)
  • CNA (AM) - (September 30th, 2019)
  • HHA - (September 12th, 2019)
  • HHA - (October 1st, 2019)
  • Pharmacy Technician - (October 21st, 2019)
  • Central Sterile Technician - (Oct 22nd 2019)