Marie's Allied Health & Technical Institute, Inc.
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Everything starts with a theory. At Marie’s Allied Health & Technical Institute, Inc., we operate our school on such premise because we know that the foundations of learning start with an idea. Through theory, we can better understand and therefore provide better care to our patients.

All students receive formal education that begins with theoretical study in different fields of health care involving a functioning balance of Nursing theory, Finance, Information Technology and Pharmacy.

We lean on the works of the experts who have stamped their name in medicine and so we use state-approved books and medical references to help guide our students towards earning their professions as nurses, nursing assistants, pharmacists and specialists in various disciplines.

If you would like to know more about the academic structure followed by Marie’s Allied Health & Technical Institute, Inc., please feel free to visit us. By personally meeting with our administrative staff, we hope to guide you towards taking a course that will further develop your interest and skills in healthcare.

For a great career, start with a great idea through academics at Marie’s Allied Health & Technical Institute, Inc.!