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Pharmacy Technician

PROGRAM TITLE: Pharmacy Technician Program
PREREQUISITE: High School Diploma

Day program: 12 weeks
Evening program: 17.5 weeks

Specific Vocational Objectives:

This 200 hours entry-level program is ideal for an individual who is seeking employment in the medical field as a Pharmacy Technician. Students will possess a working knowledge of the role of a pharmacy technician, the duties, responsibilities, and liabilities of a pharmacy technician, drug related problems and adverse reactions, pharmacy practice standards, dispensing functions, and inventory control. Additionally, students will understand the definition of a drug, the absorption, distribution, and excretion of drugs, generic and brand names for drugs, adverse side effects, risk to benefit, understand prescriptions and be able to read prescriptions and drug orders, transfer and process refills, and proper inventory and labeling of drugs, Students will also understand the hospital pharmacy, unit dose distribution systems, medication labels, pharmaceutical calculations, perform basic mathematical procedures, calculation of children’s doses, total parenteral nutrition, TPN admixture components, and the functions, of the different body systems and related medications. Upon completion of this program students will possess skills necessary for employment in a pharmacy, retail, hospital, emergency medical facility, and/or a clinic.


With the recent invasion of managed care services, as well as a reduction in hospital stays and inpatient surgery, the traffic in physician’s offices, clinics, and 24-hour emergency facilities has become more and more active. In addition, with the time constraints facing many Americans today, it is important that the medical offices visited have well-trained, efficient staff in their employ. With this in mine, Marie’s Allied Health & Technical Institute, Inc. has developed a 200-hourPharmacy Technician program. This program includes describing the pharmacy technician’s the pharmacy technician’s role in healthcare, the duties of a pharmacy technician, pharmacy practice standards, clinical pharmacy, formulas, abbreviations, medications, definition of medication, adverse side effects, generic and brand names of drugs, drug interactions, drug toxicities, risk to benefit ration, poisoning, prescription orders and drug orders, how to prepare a prescription, processing refills, labeling directions, hospital pharmacy medication orders, the distribution system in a hospital, patients profiles, repacking logs, unit dose distribution systems, individual prescription systems, medication kardex, pharmaceutical calculations, both adult and child, basic math, calculation skills practical, TPN, pharmacology related to anatomical system, and sterile product preparation.


Introduction to Healthcare 5 hours
Pharmaceutical Care 10 hours
Medications 30 hours
Prescriptions and Drug Orders 25 hours
Hospital Pharmacy 5 hours
Pharmaceutical Calculations 25 hours
Total Parenteral Nutrition 15 hours
Pharmacology-Related to Anatomical System 60 hours
Aseptic Technique-Sterile Product Preparation 20 hours

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The student who successfully completes the program may be eligible to take the optional notional certification exam for through the National Healthcare Association (NHA).